Hi! My name is Kristen and I’m a 25-year-old writer living in Boston. I started Aesthete in June 2012, simply because I love of sharing the things I enjoy with other people. Just as the designers we know and love, there’s a wide variety of things that inspire and influence me, and this is where they all come together.

Sponsorship & Advertising

If you are interested in working with Aesthete and feel that your brand or product fits with this blog’s style and voice, please email aesthetenews@gmail.com.

Comment Policy

Comments are welcomed and encouraged on Aesthete, but will be removed if deemed to contain the following: spam (including self-promotional), offensive material, personal attacks, or irrelevant or unauthorized advertising.


Aesthete is affiliated with ShopSense, a program that pays me a very small commission every time a reader clicks an associated link. These links can be distinguished by the “bit.ly” URL shortener. Please note that while I make money by posting links, I don’t post links to make money. I post them to share the things I like with you. This just happens to be a way to monetize my tastes. I will never use a ShopSense link for something I am not interested in.



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