Beauty Obsession: One ‘n Only Argan Oil for Hair

One n Only Argan Oil hair treatment

One n Only Argan Oil hair treatment

To learn more about the Boston beauty/fashion world a few years ago, I started going to every “girls’ night out” event in town – Shecky’s, StyleFixx, Pretty City, you name it. Being the guinea pig that I am, a large part of the reason I went was to get – pardon me for censoring, but I don’t want this word anywhere near my blog – the sw*g bag, a glorious gift filled with tons of samples from local shops as well as national brands. One being Moroccanoil.

Oh how grateful I was for the three little vials they so generously tucked in my bag. For months, my hair smelled of angels and was as soft as a tiny little kitten. Then I ran out.

A 3.4-oz bottle of Moroccanoil costs $43. While I love to post non-stop about fashion and high-priced designers, the truth is I can be a real cheap bitch. So a little Googling and plenty of review-reading led me to One ‘n Only Argan Oil Treatment, which costs literally 75% less and does the same exact thing.

I “splurged” on the 8-oz bottle that cost me a whopping 17 bucks and probably won’t have to buy another one til I’m 30. The scent isn’t as strong as Moroccanoil but is still delightful, and a dime-sized amount is perfect for my mid-back-length hair. Be careful though, the packaging makes it pretty easy to dump out too much. Simply pour into your palm, rub your hands together, and apply throughout damp hair. I like to run my fingers through my hair rather than slapping my hands on top and sliding them down; your scalp has natural oils so I apply at least three inches away to avoid that wet, Megan-Fox MTV awards look.

Another favorite that I discovered at Frances Ray Jules salon a few years ago is Biosilk Silk Therapy. Both work best when finished off with a blowdry, in my experience.

Note: I know there are a lot of picky people out there when it comes to ingredients. These products do have the dreaded ‘cones (dimethicone, specifically) – works fantastic for some hair, not so much for more sensitive types.

Get One ‘n Only Argan Oil Hair Treatment and Biosilk Silk Therapy at Amazon.


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