EQO Optics Recycled Skateboard Sunglasses

EQO Optics skateboard sunglasses

Eqo Optics sunglasses made out of recycled skateboards

What happens when your skateboard breaks in Colorado? You bring it to a local skate shop that donates it to EQO Optics, a little startup that transforms the decks into sunglasses. The handcrafted shades are finished with food-safe material, are 100% percent waterproof, and are fitted with Zeiss lenses. Each pair is totally unique so you’ll have an exclusive, one-of-a-kind frame

Check out the EQO Optics Tumblr page for behind the scenes photos of the frames in all their environmentally friendly glory.

Eqo Optics Acer sunglassesThe Acer, $80

Eqo Optics Pyraster sunglassesThe Pyraster, $80

Photos: Eqo Optics


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