Buffalo Exchange $1 Earth Day Sale

Buffalo Exchange $1 Earth Day Sale to benefit the Humane Society to help end cosmetic testing on animals

Buffalo Exchange $1 Earth Day Sale to benefit the Humane Society to help end cosmetic testing on animals

Earth Day may officially be on Monday, but this Saturday Buffalo Exchange will be celebrating the environmental event with its annual $1 sale.

Even on days when I’m not feeling so broke, I love shopping second-hand. Vintage, thrift, and consignment shops often have some pretty great pieces if you know where to look, and there’s no worry about water consumption, chemicals, or other issues (if you happen to be concerned with those things). It does take a certain kind of patience to make your way through the racks of Goodwill, though, which is why I couldn’t have been happier when Buffalo Exchange opened in Allston a couple years ago. I was living quite frugally and it just happened to be a few blocks away.

I may have had my differences with the buyers in the past – I still maintain that they have the most arbitrary, illogical system and some real snotty employees (there’s a few stories for another time) – but I do like that  each store has a unique selection that embodies its neighborhood’s particular style.

The $1 Earth Day sale can be hit or miss, but for a mere four quarters a piece, it’s worth the time to check it out. All proceeds will benefit the Humane Society (the store has raised more than $357,000 since 1997 for the animal rights organization). You can help make a difference, and you can walk away with some pretty cool stuff – two years ago I made off with a pair of J Brand jeans for a buck!

The sale will go on during normal store hours, but I would suggest getting there early before all the goods are gone.

Leave me a note or photo in the comments section and let me know what you find 🙂

Photo: Buffalo Exchange



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