Beauty Obsession: Fresh Sugar Lip Treatment

Fresh Sugar Lip Treatment in berry, rose, and petal

Fresh Sugar Lip Treatment

We’re not in a time warp and I did not just discover this, but I’m here to spread the word about the beauty products I love so let’s get to it. Fresh Sugar Lip Treatment is an absolute lifesaver. Even in the dead of winter it can rehydrate dry, chapped lips overnight and you wake up in the morning feeling silky smooth. It was an instant obsession, and to feed my addiction they’ve even come out with the balm in multiple shades, the latest being a beautiful Petal pink.

The Sugar line of products are all fantastic for dry skin since sugar is a natural humectant, and these lip treatments are also packed with meadowfoam, black currant seed and other oils to repair your lips and keep them nice and soft. Grapeseed polyephenols protect and smooth as well, while SPF 15 keeps your skin safe from the sun.

A full-size tube lasts me a couple months with daily use, down to the final days when I’m sticking my finger inside the tube to get out the last bits (I swear there’s at least a week or two of product in the base).

Once you get addicted to the original balm, try out Fresh’s line of colored lip treatments. My favorites are Berry and Rose.

Fresh sugar lip treatment in rose, berry, and petal

Get yours at Sephora, $22.50.



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