Beauty Obsession: Band-Aid Friction Block Stick

Band Aid Friction Block Stick

Nothing turns a special night into a bloody nightmare quite like a pair of heels that massacre your feet, amirite? The pains we go through to look fabulous are now a distant memory thanks to Band-Aid Friction Block stick, a genius invention that helps you avoid blisters and gives you the opportunity to actually enjoy wearing your brand new pair of shoes.

If you’re like me, you already use one Band-Aid after another until the material starts to stretch and leave your skin be, but let’s not be wasteful anymore. The Friction Block stick looks like a mini deodorant that you rub on the areas where your shoes give you pain so that it creates an invisible barrier to reduce the friction that usually leads to painful blisters. It’s not messy at all either. The formula lubricates without looking or feeling greasy and wet and it doesn’t leave any residue. The tube is small enough to throw in your clutch, too, in case you need a little extra on a long night.

This product seriously saved my feet, except from my Lucky Emmie flats, those suckers want to get as close to my ankle bones as possible I swear they’re trying to find their way under my skin, but that’s another story.

The price fluctuates a little bit on Amazon, but it usually hovers around $5. A small price to pay to keep your new spring pedicure from being ruined by a bunch of blisters.

Get yours here.



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