Mad Men Season 6 Teaser

Mad Men Season 6 Photos

For those of us who enjoy getting emotionally invested and too deeply involved in television dramas, April 7 is our Christmas. Mad Men returns for its sixth season with a two-hour season premiere, and I will be celebrating with a Manhattan or five as we welcome back the man who can degrade and enchant us simultaneously. Don Draper and friends appear in a new teaser trailer from AMC, and despite Jon Hamm keeping his classic no-frills style, the rest of the group is decked out in mustard-colored, couch-patterned clothing and some awesomely dated hair.

I know I never write about TV shows, but Mad Men isn’t just an hour of my Sunday. Fashion has everything to do with the characters. The colors and prints they wear, their hairdos, even a simple fur coat can change the entire meaning of a scene. Which is why I want to prepare all of you for the big day by sending you over to Tom + Lorenzo. The “fabulous and opinionated” blogging pair take on the usual episode recaps but they do a mind-blowing style recap as well, interpreting costumer designer Janie Bryant’s work to give us a whole new layer to the already complex show. Peggy and Ken are often seen wearing the same color scheme, with Peggy’s dress mirroring the colors of his tie, for example, signaling their relationship as office equals. Or how the roses in Joan’s dresses have much to do with whatever drama is going on in her life at the moment. It’s crazy. Just trust me, you will love reading it.

Who else is excited?!

Photos: AMC



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