Introducing Rings & Tings!

Rings & Tings skull bangles

Rings & Tings Skull Bangle

Never has a fast-fashion brand been so reliable since I first walked through the giant glass doors of a gleaming Forever 21 – Rings & Tings, a UK-based retailer, has quickly become my favorite one-stop shop for all of my favorite accessories. After ordering the skull bangles above a couple months ago, I instantly became obsessed and reached out to them for a possible partnership, and to my surprise they were happy to become my very first sponsor! Before I go any further, know that I would never promote something on my blog that I wasn’t totally in love with and that I was the one who reached out to them (and no I’m not making any money off of this)!

So why do I love them? Rings & Tings has every single trend you could possibly want for a low price – skulls, crosses, studs, arrows; everything geometric; camo print jackets and graphic sweatshirts; (p)leather bags and ear cuffs. Not only is it inexpensive and great quality, but the shipping is QUICK to the U.S. My first order within a week! Shipping is free over £35 but only costs £1.59 (about $2.40) otherwise.

They sent me a couple items after I contacted them and my favorite was the gunmetal arrow necklace below. It’s a long chain with a delicate charm, perfect for layering with one or two other necklaces.

Rings & Tings Long Silver Arrow Necklace

Here are a few more things I’ve got my eye on:

Rings & Tings fast fashion trendy jewelry and accessoriesBlack & gold triangle necklaceLittle cross braceletBlue bird and flower ringDouble ring ringSpike bracelet 2Shiny silver flatsStudded two way bag



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