Marc Jacobs x Diet Coke

Marc Jacobs Diet Coke 2013

We’ve been talking about a lot of collaborations lately (like the new film for DKNY Exclusively for Opening Ceremony), but none have yet to be as visually pleasing as the new Marc Jacobs for Diet Coke campaign. In celebration of the soft drink’s 30th anniversary in Europe, the prolific designer was recently named its 2013 creative director. Three limited edition bottles, cans, and ad campaigns, each inspired by female empowerment and fashion of the ’80s, ’90s, and now, will be available in select European markets next month.

“I think glamour and sex sells just about everything,” he told Women’s Wear Daily. Later, speaking of the collaboration, he said “It’s just another proof of people loving the power of fashion. Designers have personalities, and their clothes have a voice and a vision, and people respond to it.”

Can Marc really go head to head with Beyonce, Pepsi’s $50 million partner? Let’s take a look.

Marc Jacobs Diet Coke 2013 Marc Jacobs Diet Coke 2013

Oh I think he’ll do just fine.