Review: Prabal Gurung x Target

Prabal Gurung for Target 2013 capsule collection

After a weekend of being stranded at home due to the blizzard (the subway was shut down for two days) I finally ventured out into the snow to make across town for the Prabal Gurung x Target collection. The commercials were teasing me yesterday during the Grammys, too, so I had an extra force pushing me out the door today – as if I needed another reason to go. About 75% of the collection was available at my local store (South Bay Plaza for you Bostonians). I tried most of it on, and my verdict? Definitely worth a look! The photos below show my two favorites. And yes, I am wearing jeans under the dress. Those fitting rooms are cold!

Review of Prabal Gurung for Target collection 2013

There are a lot of great pieces and they’re very girly and pretty, but as someone with an hourglass figure, I didn’t like the fit of the dresses. The material doesn’t stretch so it doesn’t fit well around the bust, leaving no room for your boobs – not flattering. The skirt of of the Meet the Parents print dress gave me Michelle Obama hips (that is, it made me look wider than I am), and the wedge sandals looked stripper cheap.

With that said, I loved how the Nolita print pleated skirt moved so fluidly and liked the matching heel, and the First Date print blouse looked awesome tucked in. Above is the calypso coral dress that I really wanted to buy, but I just couldn’t get over the bust. The dresses really are beautiful and they would certainly work on other body shapes, just not mine, unfortunately! The prints are worth a visit alone. I just wish they had the jewelry available because I was dying to see the enamel print bangles!

As for quality, I’ve been reading that a lot of ladies are disappointed. I think people expect too much from these capsule collections because of the name associated with it. You just can’t go into it expecting high-end quality when it’s a mass-produced item for a low-priced retailer. The collaboration is for the design aspect and for the excitement of being able to have a piece from that designer within your budget. Budget is the operative word here. They are making it for Target, thus the quality will be on par with the rest of the clothes from Target. But that absolutely doesn’t mean the clothes are bad. The only material I didn’t like was used in the sheer parts of some pieces, it was a little too stiff, and the polyester and cotton blends were comfortable and moved well.

There’s also complaints of the collection being overpriced, but I would liken these pieces to items you could find at H&M for the same cost. And just like any other collection, it’s hit or miss. I think Prabal Gurung for Target had more hits than misses, depending on the shape of your body, but that’s just me. What do you think?

Edited: Target tweeted today that it won’t be restocking sold out items, so if you like something, get it while you can!


One thought on “Review: Prabal Gurung x Target

  1. Melissa says:

    I agree, there were more hits than misses, for sure. The sizing of the various dresses was not consistent, and the footwear ran big. I really loved the prints and all the bright colors. This was my favorite collection from Target so far. The selection of heels was great! No complaints about the prnces, as they are typical of these collections, and the quality was better than in the past.


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