A Few Days in New York City

If you’re wondering why the blog has been a little quiet this week, it’s because I went to New York City! No, I wasn’t there for any pre-Fashion Week events (in another life…), we just had some time off and decided to spend a few days outside of Boston. From one city to the next! The first day was rainy and warm, the next three days were frigid and the city was a wind tunnel, so I didn’t do any shopping like I wanted to because it was just too damn cold, but I did spend a couple hours getting lost in the biggest Macy’s on the planet. There are Louis Vuitton and Gucci shops in the store, plus 8 levels of everything you could possibly need in life. And the shoes! So many shoes!

We stayed in the Lower East Side, and in four days managed to walk probably 20+ miles around the neighborhood, East Village, the beautiful Highline through Chelsea, Midtown, and the Upper East Side going from bar to restaurant to museum and over again. We even managed to spend some time in Brooklyn and Queens. My favorite spot: The New York Public Library, it was my first time inside and it was so grandiose and beautiful! I didn’t take too many pictures (regretfully), but here are a few that made it onto Instagram.