The most expensive New Year’s Eve outfit ever

New Year’s Eve is all about excess, sparkle, and a whole lot of champagne. For an outfit that covers all three, the Versace fringe tie-dyed gabardine dress is the perfect choice – that is, if you don’t mind blowing your entire entry-level salary on a one-night-only frock.


It’s got the luxurious shimmer we all want in the ultimate NYE look, is the epitome of excess, and will undoubtedly get you a lot of free champagne. This silk gabardine dress with metal fringing could be yours for just $32,306, or roughly the cost of a 2013 Volvo S60, one year’s tuition at some private universities, three Hermes Birkin bags, a couple Rolexes, or just 40 pairs of classic Louboutins. No big deal. Thank God the import and shipping fees are included!

Versace fringe tie dyed silk gabardine dress

Versace tie dye fringe silk metal gabardine dress

Versace fringe metal silk gabardine dress

All jokes aside, it is a stunning dress that moves beautifully. Unfortunately, it won’t be available until March, as it is from the Versace Summer ’13 line, but it’s available for pre-order so you’ll be ready for next year’s fabulous New Year’s bash! Start applying for that loan now 🙂