Look Alive With My Top 5 Blushes

Benefit Dandelion blush

It’s the dreaded time of year where blush and bronzer aren’t just a pretty part of your makeup routine, but a total necessity if you don’t want people to give you the old, “you look tired” (a.k.a. “you look kind of dead”). Despite being made fun of all through middle and high school for being the palest Italian on earth, I have learned to embrace this lovely shade of white, especially because my daily routine has left my skin clear and smooth – why ruin that tanning myself to a crisp? What helped me come to accept my pallor is a handy collection of powders that liven up my complexion and keep me looking like a normal, healthy shade of human. Here are my top 5 blushes and bronzers that have become my go-tos over the years.

MAC Dollymix blushMAC Dollymix, $20
A pure candy pink with a little bit of gold that has a light sheen, Dollymix gives me a natural flush that is simple and pretty. It’s versatile enough to work on skin tones light to dark and its Sheertone formula makes it easily blendable. I apply this with a skunk brush to get an even, buildable application without accidentally swiping an 80s-style streak along my cheekbones.

NARS Lokoum cream blush

NARS Lokoum, $28
I typically want nothing to do with cream blushes because I do a terrible job blending them, but this is a beautiful rosy coral shade. Lokoum is my go-to for when I wear a red lip and cat eye (it’s either this or a little more neutral MAC Trace Gold), and its perfect for the skunk brush, too. Swirl it in to get a little bit on the top bristles and get a light application without looking like a clown

Benefit Dandelion blushBenefit Dandelion, $28
Out of my little collection of Benefit boxed powders, Dandelion is my favorite for giving my skin a healthy glow. Versatility is a must with my top blushes, and this is a good option for one of those no-makeup days when your skin needs a little awakening, or a simple highlight of baby pink paired with a smokey eye.

E.L.F. Coy, $2
E.L.F. has some surprisingly good products for its low price point. Super pigmented and soft, Coy is a really unique color – sort of dusty, rosy, brown-ish mauve with a little bit of shimmer that gives you a very pretty natural glow.

Tarte Park Avenue Princess bronzerTarte Park Avenue Princess, $29
I dare you to find me outside of the house in the winter without this on. Park Avenue has a little bit of shimmer, but it has never been a problem and there’s no sparkling out in the sun. In a circular motion, I apply this in the shape of a 3 along the outer edge of my face to do a little contouring and add some warmth.

Your method of applying blush should be tailored to your face shape, but if you need a tutorial to figure out where to start, Killer Colours has a fantastic guide to creating dimension with blush, bronzer, and highlighter. Check it out here.

What are your top 5 blushes?


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