Forever 21 Releases Web Exclusive Capsule 2.1 Collection

Forever 21 Capsule 2.1 Collection

Fast fashion just got a little more expensive (and hopefully with a little higher quality), as Forever 21 today released its Capsule 2.1 web exclusive collection – all of the hottest trends you’re looking for at H&M prices. You’ll find just about every popular style in this small line, from sheer blouses with high-low hems and studded shoulders to camo, (faux) leather, and geometric prints. Clothing ranges from $27.80 to $72.80, with accessories priced pretty similarly to its usual fare at $3.80 to $24.80. There are only two shoes in this collection, topped off at $42.80 for a lace-up ankle boot. Check out my top picks below:

Forever 21 Capsule 2.1 Open Faux Fur JacketOpen Faux Fur Jacket, $72.80

Forever 21 Capsule 2.1 Spiked Collar Tweed JacketSpiked Collar Tweed Jacket, $64.80 (because you know I love leather sleeves)

Forever 21 Capsule 2.1 Spike Pendant NecklaceSpike Pendant Necklace, $5.80

Forever 21 Capsule 2.1 Studded Chiffon ShirtStudded Chiffon Shirt, $34.80

Forever 21 Capsule 2.1 Paisley Velveteen Skinny JeansPaisley Velveteen Skinny Jeans, $44.80

Forever 21 Capsule 2.1 Lace-up Ankle BootsLace-up Ankle Boots, $42.80

Overall, I was pretty underwhelmed by the collection, but I’m sure there are some people out there who can rock all of these styles without a problem. Forever 21 kept quiet about it before it appeared online today so no word on whether this is it or if the selection will rotate as often as its other inventory. Check out the full Capsule 2.1 line here, and let me know if you see anything you like!


One thought on “Forever 21 Releases Web Exclusive Capsule 2.1 Collection

  1. sarahinmke says:

    I saw this too, it all appears a little too avant-garde for my tastes. I did fall prey to one of the shoulder studded pieces though. 🙂


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