HBO “Girls”-themed nail polish by Deborah Lippmann

HBO Girls by Deborah Lippmann

Speaking of GIRLS…

Coming out of extreme left field is Deborah Lippmann’s latest collection of themed nail lacquer, four new shades devoted to the main characters of HBO’s “Girls.” My first impression? Confusing, very confusing. Did any of them even wear nail polish in the first season? Did Hannah even brush her hair ever?

HBO Girls by Deborah Lippmann

“Independent. Feminine. Playful. Sexy.”

Despite the fact that the nail polish names sound like Courtney Stodden Tweets, and that the alliterated collection even exists is verging on Kardashian territory, the shades themselves are quite fitting for their characters. Hannah’s Hapless Hunter Green is a creamy, muted shade, a little drab but it’ll do. Marnie gets Prim and Proper Pink, a light and versatile nudey pink that goes with her faux notions of purity, while Shoshanna’s hue, Virtuous Vivid Violet, is a pretty pastel purple that is probably only tolerable in small doses and should not be overdone. Jessa’s is Boheman Burgundy because she’s a straightforward kind of girl and how much more obvious can you get than that? (Although I admit it is sexy red and I must have it right now.)

“Deborah Lippmann’s colors are irreverent and classy and I’ve always coveted them (and stolen them from my mother), so who better to embody the GIRLS’ spirit in polish form,” Lena Dunham said, according to the Deborah Lippmann website. One wouldn’t take the perpetually barefaced Dunham as a beauty fanatic, but she insists she’s “been wearing Hannah like it’s going out of style.”

The set of four nail polishes is now available for pre-order and will ship around January 15. Available at Deborah Lippmann, $45.


4 thoughts on “HBO “Girls”-themed nail polish by Deborah Lippmann

  1. devonsmiley says:

    When I first saw the news on this line, I laughed…and then suggested to a co-worker that the collection would include “mousy brown” “grimey grey” and “vintage polyester shirt mustard yellow”…

    The colours seem nice – but Girls isn’t exactly the kind of show I would look to for fashion or beauty inspiration.



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