David Wiseman’s Elegance in Blossom

David Wiseman's El Cielo in San Antonio

As a young Bostonian, the most beautiful home I dream of is a downtown apartment with hardwood floors and a washer and dryer on the premises. Elaborately decorated abodes with awe-inspiring paintings and sculptures lining the walls are known to me only in films – in our one-bedroom hangs drawings and paintings done by myself, friends, and family, with a little music-related work thrown in. But flipping through T: The New York Times Style Magazine recently I came upon an artist who had me dreaming of a time when I will be able to afford some magical elegance in an urban abode – “the Secret Gardener” David Wiseman, whose designs lend themselves to a stunningly phantasmagoric scene.

David Wiseman sculpted ceilingPhoto: NY Times

31-year-old Wiseman of Los Angeles is a graduate of Rhode Island School of Design, where he studied furniture design and developed his signature aesthetic blending nature and whimsy. The artist notes on his website that his style is “informed by his deep appreciation for subtleties in nature.” Wiseman’s sculptures give a surreal quality to the rooms in which they appear, porcelain embracing the walls as if the house had been there all along, growing with its vines and branches and blossoming each spring. Above is “El Cielo,” an abstract pomegranate tree that hangs from the ceiling of a private residence in San Antonio.

David WisemanLily of the Valley

David WisemanCherry Blossom Canopy

Branch Chandelier by David WisemanBranch Chandelier

Beyond the wonderland that his creeping designs create, Wiseman also sculpts objects for your home. For those of us who live in apartments where installing a custom-made ornate piece of art just isn’t plausible, he offers porcelain owls, candlesticks with weaving vines, bronzed vases and much more.

Silver Goblet and Vine Candlestick by David WisemanSilver Goblet and Vine Candlesick

Photos: David Wiseman Studio

See more of Wiseman’s work at his website.



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