Would You Rent Designer Nail Polish?

Chanel nail polish


Wearing designer beauty products just got a whole lot cheaper.

Lacquerous, a new subscription service, provides access to a range of amazing nail polish from some of the most coveted labels in beauty and fashion all for just $18 a month.

Similar to Rent the Runway or Netflix, users keep a queue of their most-wanted shades in a Lust List and receive three every 30 days to enjoy, according to TIME. Brands include Chanel, Dior, Dolce & Gabbana, Tom Ford, Deborah Lippman, NARS, Butter London, OPI, and MAC, among others.

Lacquerous gives you a way to try out the most sought-after hues without having to spend a fortune or feel guilty about bottles gathering dust. There are currently more than 70 shades to explore, with plenty more to be added in the future as each brand debuts new collections.

To be a good samaritan in the Lacquerous community, however, you have to follow a simple rule. You may only use each nail polish bottle up to three times while in your possession, and lacquer levels will be monitored! This keeps everyone from using up the polish before someone else gets to enjoy it; it’s not nice to take advantage of such a fun service.

Memberships are on a waiting-list only basis at the moment, with 2,500 people in line to try it out. But fear not, ladies, head over to Refinery29 for a code that will expedite the process and have you polished and pretty in no time.

What do you think? Would you rent nail polish?

Note: This article was originally published in The Daily Glow (written by me).



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