Review: Revlon ColorStay Whipped Foundation

(Scroll to the bottom for a TL;DR version).

Not to be a total braggart, but I’ve never really needed foundation. My skin has always been pretty clear (thanks Mom), although I could do without the dark circles and dryness. Everyone can benefit from a little evenness in their complexions, however, and that’s what I use foundation for.

Revlon has been a bit tough for me in the past. I don’t have a huge frame of reference for foundation (now eye/skin products are a different story), and I don’t have an answer when asked for my MAC shade. Most days if I wear anything at all it will be Laura Mercier Tinted Moisturizer in Nude. If I’m going out for the night, I use Bare Minerals Original SPF15 foundation in Light. But I’ve tried Revlon PhotoReady in Nude and it was far too pink, ColorStay (original) didn’t quite match up either, so I opted for something a little more neutral this time around for Revlon ColorStay Whipped foundation because I’m still in a trial phase.

This is Sand Beige and, as you can see, it’s too yellow!  My major gripe about this is that the packaging makes it really hard to determine the right shade colors. I stood there for a good 10 minutes staring back and forth between this and Nude to see what the difference was. I also applied it with the E.L.F. flat top brush (which I use for Bare Minerals) and it came out looking like a heavy mask. Not for me! But I wasn’t about to call it a loss just yet, so I exchanged it for Buff.

Please excuse the crease from my glasses on my nose 🙂

And here we are, a perfect match! This time I used a damp sponge for a lighter application that isn’t remotely mask-like. It doesn’t feel drying or tight like the original ColorStay and the color lasted all day.

Update 1/2/13: I hate using sponges, I like the control I get with a brush much better, so I compromised and started wetting my flat top brush, squeezing out the excess with some tissues and then applying. I’m much happier using the product this way. The trick is just to get the right amount on the brush for you, I only need a little so I just dab lightly into the pot.


Packaging: Heavy glass pot with a screw top, makes it quite difficult to see the subtle differences in each shade when trying to pick one out at the store because the glass is so thick. I prefer a pump for sanitary reasons.

Formula: Thick and creamy, which helps avoid spillage, that can be applied to look silky and airy with the right brush and a light hand. Comes in 12 semi-matte shades. Seen above – Sand Beige (too yellow for me), and Buff (my perfect shade).

Application: First photo was done with a dry E.L.F. flat-top brush and it was too heavy. Second photo was done with a damp sponge and it was just the right amount (ETA: damp, dense brush works as well). Color is buildable.

Texture: Soft and smooth, not sticky, drying, or tight like the original ColorStay foundation.

Wear: Stayed on all day with no re-application needed (on normal-to-dry skin). Very easy to blend, although it may be more difficult on drier skin if you haven’t moisturized properly or applied primer beforehand and could build up too much around dry spots.


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