The Big Sleep

Tonight I’m heading to Cambridge to see The Big Sleep at the Middle East. I first got to know them earlier this year at New York’s Mercury Lounge, where they played with the awesome psych-electronic duo KNTRLR (who also appears on a split 7-inch with them). The Big Sleep hail from Brooklyn and released their third album in January. With Sonya Balchandani playing bass/vocals and Danny Barria on the guitar, the two bring plenty of noise with their instrumentals across all three albums and funkier new tracks from Nature Experiments. They are a must-see live, especially when Mikey Jones is behind the drums (from the band Heaven, who has sit in for Gabe Rhodes on the road).

Below is both their latest album, Nature Experiments, and my favorite of theirs, Son of the Tiger. If you only listen to a couple songs, make it “You Can’t Touch the Untouchable,” “Brown Beauty” after that!



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