Shopping Bag

End-of-summer sales are my kryptonite. One moment you’re waking down Newbury Street looking for a last minute dress for a weekend wedding, the next you’re knee deep in a pile of discounted Jeffrey Campbells at LF. I made it out alive, and a little poorer, but I wanted to show you a couple things I got, as well as the outfit I am currently obsessed with.

Zara metal etched handbag

The first sale I was successful with was at Zara, where I found this gothic metal etched handbag. The metal chain with the navy blue ribbon weaved through isn’t as loud as it seems when you wear it out, it doesn’t clink against the bag itself. In fact, this little box is quite the conversation piece. Bonus – it also serves as a weapon if you’re accosted walking home alone late at night (which you should never be doing!!!). I got it for $14.90, down from $79.90!

Sam Edelman Josie Wedges

After spending too much at Zara, I was heading home and got sidetracked at LF, where a 60% off sale is currently going on. I picked up these nude Sam Edelman Josie wedges for $62, down from $155! (If you like feet, here are the wedges on me. Nails: Essie Boat House and L.A. Girls Hustle.)

Which brings us to my current obsession: this outfit.

Worn with my favorite Levi 535 jeans, Express hobo, and new Sam Edelman shoes is this phenomenal DOG PRINT BLOUSE from Zara. I picked it up at the store solely to make fun of it, but it somehow ended up in the dressing room with me, then onto the counter, then into my shopping bag. Somehow. I am in love with it. Look a little closer.

Zara dog print blouse

Not only is it dog print, but it’s sheer, mint green, AND studded at the shoulders. I love seeing designers being able to throw multiple trends together and come out with something that actually works. I did “splurge” on this one, though, at $39.90 full price. Necessary.

Have you had any good finds lately?



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