SoWa Open Market

Despite living in Boston for seven years, this past Sunday was my first time visiting the SoWa Open Market, an outdoor art + indie design market in the South End, and I had a great time! There are so many independent artists showing off their paintings, tilework, jewelry, and other unique designs, it was fun to see the faces behind the artwork and to talk to them about their processes.

The market also features a ton of vintage vendors, under the tents and in the huge SoWa Vintage Market. This part was a nice surprise – a huge warehouse that went on for four large rooms filled with clothing, furniture, knick knacks, and so much more. I saw several vintage and many-seasons-ago Fendi handbags (totally authentic) as well as Gucci, Coach, Dooney & Bourke (if you’re still into those heart totes) clutches and bags. i spotted a couple Manolos, too! Some of these items weren’t vintage but they were a great find nonetheless.

Along with beautiful sunflowers I got from a vendor that came from Stow, MA, I also picked up a khaki and gold-studded cuff bracelet and purple belt from The Fashion Truck that will go great with my favorite cream-colored Zara dress and nude Jessica Simpson heels, and a cute white-lacquer bracelet with gold trim from Haberdash Vintage. If you haven’t seen these two vendors yet, you MUST. They are traveling fashion mobiles!

The Fashion Truck and Haberdash Vintage have gotten plenty of press for their interesting ventures. Both appeared on the Today Show recently, see the video here.

I also picked up the above painted vintage mirrored jewelry tray from Painted Pretty of Abington, MA, where I organized all of my junk on top of as soon as I got home. Now that I can actually see what I have, I’ve been wearing a lot more than usual!

Did you guys have any good shopping finds this weekend?



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