Marc by Marc Jacobs Cotton Oxford with Orange Buttons

Marc by Marc Jacobs Cotton Oxford With Orange Buttons

I was catching up on my TV shows last night and got to Tosh.0. It’s not “HIGH FASHION!” season anymore (it’s “Sick Kicks for the Ladies” now) but this Marc by Marc Jacobs cotton oxford shirt caught my eye. I love, love, love the neon buttons against the light gray. Great way for guys to enjoy the electric trend without stepping outside of their comfort zone.

Daniel is very clearly in his comfort zone.

Unfortunately, the only place I found this shirt online was Harvey Nichols, in the UK and sold out! No sight of it on the Marc Jacobs’ or department stores’ websites, either, so Tosh is either totally off season or wearing fashion of the future. He looks good either way!

And for that, we thank you, Daniel Tosh.

EDIT: Found at Ssense for $119. Sold out!

EDIT 2/17/13: Similar style at SSENSE for $190.


7 thoughts on “Marc by Marc Jacobs Cotton Oxford with Orange Buttons

  1. Frankscr says:

    I have been desperately searching for this shirt as well. I’ve only seen it on Harvey Nichols and now Ssense but they are both sold out. Please post if you find it currently being sold elsewhere!

  2. Roverto says:

    Do you know where i can find the shirt that Daniel Tosh used for his July 19, 2011 episode??? Its like navy blue with an artist on the side who is painting like a big mural on the right side of the shirt.
    please let me know if you find anything. i tried but couldnt find it

      1. Kristen says:

        No luck, sorry! At this point it’s past season so we won’t be seeing that exact shirt again. I updated the post with a couple similar items. Hope that helps!


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