Jaime Lee – Pollination

Jaime Lee Pollination

Forget rose-colored glasses, Australian painter-turned-designer Jaime Lee sees the world through a kaleidoscope. Her intense palette is vast and vibrant, flawlessly executing an explosion of color throughout her Pollination runway collection.

Jaime Lee Pollination skirt

This kind of pattern can be difficult to pull off, many others have tried and end up overwhelming what could be a fabulous statement piece. Most of the collection, designed in collaboration with the woman responsible for Katy Perry’s many latex outfits – Abigail Greydanus, is made of silks and natural fibers, emphasizing its bright digital prints. This particular skirt (and other versions seen below) caught my eye because it looks vaguely inspired by some of Leonid Afremov‘s  oil paintings, one of my favorite artists.

Jaime Lee Pollination

It may be more of an editorial look to pair the pants and dress together, but each separate piece, including the skirt, would be nicely complemented with a tailored white blazer this summer.

What do you think? Would you be able to pull off this look?


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